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Welcome to our finance and money management site/blog we are here to help readers such as yourself learn to live your dreams!

This site was created because we came to a clear realization that we were not meeting our career goals or living life on our own terms.  We did what we were told, you know… Go to school, get good grades; apply to college; go to college; graduate and get a job.

What happens if…

That plan doesn’t quite work? What if the job you got was leading you nowhere fast. Worst than that you graduated after four years in one major; just to find it extremely difficult to find a job in that major and wind up working in something totally unrelated to what you went to school and paid all that tuition for.

What happens then?

At that point, all the great advice you receive is to simply find another job or go back to school! As if, that plan worked the first time…

Well, what happened to me as it seems to happen to most people nowadays was a somewhat unexpected layoff… I was planning only leaving and the managers knew I was unsatisfied, so they got to me first…lol

That fueled a new sense of entrepreneurship within me where I literally vowed to never let an employer have that much control over my life.  Honestly, had it not been for my savings and managing my money well throughout the years I could have been screwed!

Many people I know and some of the other writers can attest to the devastation a lost income can have on a family.

Which brought me to my second realization that people have serious money issues.  How many family members and friends do you know that are working multiple jobs, just to make ends meet? We have become the generations of side hustlers…  Don’t get me wrong its great if those hustles end up working for you and it’s not consuming energy and time. Majority of the time it happens to be the former.

This brings me to my final realization in that I could create a space where friends/writers can document our money strategies and ways we have seen or made money work for us. Also, what money income options that are out there via online or alternative means.

That was a little bit of my story here goes Dream Passively…

With the world having an age-old problem that has plagued generations after generations, which is money! The lack of education on how to manage it; how to save/invest it; and even how to make more of it literally causes struggles and devastation.

Think of some of your issues that you currently have or are going through… Many are rooted or can be solved with a little more money.

Dream Passively will provide with different money making options or side hustles, if you will, that are out there. The and the bad. Also, give you our reader a broader understanding of the “money game” and how it will work and how you can truly make it work for you.

There are so many ways to generate full-time income that are not the conventional 9 to 5 that we all know.  We will highlight nontraditional income options that you may not have thought about.

We believe in utilizing multiple streams of income to generate and grow wealth.  Depending on one income stream such as a job is almost a guarantee to living a frustrated and uneventful life with limited income.

People earn income four basic ways:

  • Employee
  • Self Employed
  • Business Owner
  • Investor

The first two ways of generating income require a lot of your time, own efforts, and your presence. The last two methods of making money require less of your time once established.  Business owners make money with the efforts of others.  An investor basically has money that makes more money for him/her.  True freedom and being financially independent.

Learn the different ways to invest your money; tools and techniques to save money; and many different opportunities that may be unconventional, but can earn a job like income.

Our ultimate goal is for you to get ahead of the “money game” so that your money begins to make you more… money! This is known as “passive income.”

So learn, interact, and grow with us and “Dream Passively!”

Here Is To A Dream Life!

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